Escort’s opinion on G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It?

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Before 1950 the only spot that women and men thought as a trigger of the female orgasm was clitoris but after 1950 some researchers found that there is a particular spot in the vagina that triggers orgasm and pleasure more than the clitoris. This spot was named G-Spot. G-Spot stimulation produces a powerful orgasm and if stimulated correctly leads to squirting also known as female ejaculation.

The main question now people have in mind is what is G-Spot?

Independent escorts says that G-Spot is not a spot rather it is a zone where it has a bean-shaped tissue having several thousand micro nerves ending, it is a part of the para-urethral gland that looks like a male prostate.

It is tiny in size equal to a quarter but due to nerves, its structure is a little rough than the surrounding. During sex, blood flow increases which lead to swelling of g spot as it is made of erectile tissue thus it can be located easily when women are sexually aroused. Normally G-Spot is located two inches above the vaginal opening.

How to find G-Spot

Escorts says G-Spot stimulation doesn’t get mastered in one day, it takes several attempts to find, locate and stimulate a woman,s G-Spot correctly.

  • Spot gives more sexual arousal but it can be uncomfortable for some women to get g-spot stimulated directly because they should have faced difficulty stimulating it during masturbation or they don’t have the g-spot.

Yes, independent escorts professionals say that not every woman has stimulation in g-spot or zone thus it becomes harder to find their g-spot.

Generally, g-spot can be easily located. When she is sexually active, insert your finger facing upward in her vagina. There you will get a rough zone between the soft surrounding of the vaginal wall. That spot will feel like a belly button. Start stimulating that spot slowly and gently with your finger in an in-out movement in the vaginal wall.

Ask your partner if she feels anything if she feels sexual arousal and pleasurable sensations then that spot or zone can be her G-Spot. But keep in mind that for starting, you should only use your fingers as a vagina is very sensitive and direct or fast penetration not only damages the vaginal wall but also irritate G-Spot.

The best way of G-Spot stimulation is to slowly start with fingers or tongue in a rhythmic form which you can speed up or slow down depending on the response she gives. If the response gets positive then you can continue with the penis and if it causes problems or irritation then stop immediately. And try g-spot location next time giving a gap of 2-3 dais in between.

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