Designs of Olympic Javelin Pants Will Make You Sweaty!

Neeraj Chopra, the famous sports writer of Mail Today and the author of several books on sports and health has been associated with the Olympics for the last two years now. And he does not even have a single gold or silver to show for it – yet. This may seem surprising to some people but it is not. For a person like Neeraj Chopra, who has never won an Olympic gold or silver, this fact would come as a pleasant surprise.

In the buildup to the Olympics, Neeraj Chopra along with various other notable Indians such as Subodh Gupta, Anjum Chopra, Priya Paul, Sukhwinder Singh, Ravi Jha, Kanjeevritsi and others have been doing their bit in formulating positive strategies for the games. They have been telling readers and fans about how to tackle the new set of Olympic standards. The Olympic committees have also been listening to what these people have to say. Neeraj Chopra is one of those people.

The idea that Neeraj Chopra has been carrying out his job well is that of creating a javelin that can win the javelin event at the Olympic games. The fact that the athletes from all over the world have been preparing for this event goes without saying. However, just because the athletes are ready, does not mean that they are good. The same can be said about the polo team. They too have been doing their bit by producing high quality polo uniforms.

Neeraj Chopra along with the other Indians – Subodh Gupta, Anjum Chopra, Priya Paul, Kanjeevritsi and others has been working hard to produce the new javelin. These days, they have been adding a lot of technology into it to help improve its speed, balance and throw. The design of the javelin is also being changed to make it look more professional and ‘Olympic ready’. They are trying to make it look like the ‘Olympic javelin’, which is made up of two parallel slits.

Being an ardent fan of polo, Neeraj Chopra certainly understands the sport well and knows how to design and create the new polo uniforms. He has introduced some innovative features into it – the double knee patches that help in improving the throw and the cutting down of the throwing movement by 40% to a considerable extent. There are several other features as well that have been worked upon and improved over time. The aim is to produce polo uniforms that are not only comfortable to wear but also help the athletes perform better.

Neeraj Chopra’s efforts have paid off as he has been able to introduce the new uniforms into the Olympics. The design and development of the Javelin are being managed by ad agency called Artistic Concepts who are working with the London 2021 organizing committee and have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff working on all the development works for the games. As far as we can tell till date there have been no complaints from the athletes or officials. So we can safely say that if you are a fan of the Olympics, then you should buy the new Javelin Pants – which is available online at affordable prices.

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